I'm Here Because...
I was hurt at work.Here are some vital details you need to know before you can report a claim.
My benefits were denied.Denials can be caused by one of several reasons, many of which we can fight.
How much is my case worth?There are many factors that go into the value of a workers' comp case.
You may get compensation for medical bills after an On-The-Job injury.

Workers' Compensation Case Process

Each person's workers compensation claim is different, but the claims process may go through some standard phases, such as the initial consultation with an attorney and how to choose a doctor. If you have questions about the workers compensation case process, read the articles we have written below by clicking on the links.

Information Needed in a Workers Compensation Claim

Initial Consultation for Injured Workers

Choosing a Doctor for Your At-Work Injury

When Surveillance Occurs in a Workers Compensation Claim

Mediation in a Workers Compensation Claim

Deposition of Workers Compensation Claimants

Throughout the process of your case you may find yourself asking, "How much is my workers' comp case really worth?" Read our page to understand more about the value of a workers' comp case.

Call the Coye Law Firm today if you feel that you could be getting more from you workers' compensation claim. We want to help you get back to normal after an at-work injury.