I'm Here Because...
I was hurt at work.Here are some vital details you need to know before you can report a claim.
My benefits were denied.Denials can be caused by one of several reasons, many of which we can fight.
How much is my case worth?There are many factors that go into the value of a workers' comp case.
You may get compensation for medical bills after an On-The-Job injury.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Many of Florida's businesses are required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage to protect their employees from on-the-job injuries. If your employer falls within this category, then their insurance coverage will automatically extend to their employees.

Workers Compensation Insurance Requirements

Your employer is required to provide workers' compensation insurance coverage if they are:

  • in an industry, other than construction, and has four (4) or more employees, full-time or part-time
  • in the construction industry, and has one (1) or more employees
  • a state or local government
  • a farmer, and has more than five (5) regular employees and/or twelve (12) or more other workers for seasonal agricultural labor lasting thirty (30) days or more
Some workers' compensation insurance companies may deny your claim for one reason or another. Read about the different ways in which the insurance company may deny you of your benefits and how to be better prepared.

Some employers choose to become exempt from the workers compensation requirement. Read about this issue to see if you are affected.

There are a few exceptions to these guidelines. Call the Coye Law Firm for a free consultation and to make sure your employer has adequate and appropriate workers compensation insurance coverage to protect employees from at work accidents or injuries.